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Fuse Modifiaction


The KLR 650 uses glass fuses that are prone to break. Many riders have swapped them for fuse breakers or blade type fuses. If you're handy with a soldering gun the upgrade is pretty easy. The following is merely a demonstration and is not recommended or endorsement by this website.

You'll need:
Wire cutters/strippers, 10 & 20 amp. replacement fuses, crimp on blade type connectors, solder & soldering iron, some heat shrink tubing and a heat gun.

A. This is what the factory set up looks like under your seat.
B. Remove the entire fuse assembly and bring it somewhere you can work on it. One end had a plastic clip release mechnaism & the other has push in friction connectors.
C. Cut off the glass fuse holers & be sure to label which goes to which fuse.
D. Strip the wires, tin the ends, crimp & solder the blade connectors to the wires. Place the shrink tubing over the blades to prevent them from touching one another.
E. Secure the blades to the appropriate fuses.
F. Reconnect the wires to the harness and you're done. I added some foam to help protect the fuse breakers however this is not necessary.