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KLR thingies p.5


Digital compass.
Lasted about a year but what do you expect for 50.00.  Worked pretty well but I only bought it for the voltage feature. Displays incoming voltage to .1v. Some silicon & acrylic has made it watertight. I think the price dropped to 19.00 at www.improvementscatalog.com

I'd save the $ next time and just get a GPS.


My version of a MotionPro prop stick.

I think they make a great product but I made this one for about $4. The black foam handle is just to keep it quieter in my top box.

Overall length: about 13"
Outside tube is 5/8 OD with a 1/8" wall
Inside rod is 7/16" with a 1" round foot bolted to the bottom
1/8" holes drilled on outside rod about 2.5" apart
inside rod has a single hole for securing at different locations
Just prop it under the right side of the swing arm and it's surprisingly sturdy. I'll usually put a bungee around the front brake lever for stability. To raise the front tire I put the stick under one of the right side motor mount bolts. Raising the front is a bit trickier so be careful. I will eventually make the stick with a top groove to secure it better to the bike however it works fine the way it is. A 1/8" hitch pin secures it at the extension heights and holds everything together when I'm done.

Prototype rear rack for sale 7/14/02 - currently cutting hole for tool pouch (not shown in photo)

My adjuster broke due to weak tack weld. Easy rived fix.