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KLR thingies p.1


fat foot

My FATfoot, very strong.

Man playing guitar; Actual size=240 pixels wide

The bike needed some more aluminum so I tossed the plastic rack and made the one shown.


Rear master cylinder guard.
You can buy these for about 15 bucks but I wanted to make my own & personalize it. This one cost me pennies to make.

Aux. light bar and headlight adjuster

Aux. light bar is super strong.  To make it is tricky since the angles are tough to bend just right.  I hope to add some Hella 500's one day.
Inside the black circle you will see what my headlight adjuster looks like from outside the fairing.  It's basically a long metric bolt.  A 6" m6 x 100 bolt will do the trick.  I had to cut my own since the hardware store didn't have any this long.  I added a eye bolt to make it adjustable without tools.  Some heat shrink tubing around the head will hopefull keep things quiet. 

12 Volt BNC power adaptor

I was getting tired of cigarette lighter adaptors being so big and not locking.  I cut my GPS power cable in 1/2.  On the end of the coiled GPS power cable I put a male BNC connector.  I then put a female surface mount BNC on my dash board and a similar adaptor on the other end of the cigarette coil cord cable.  Depending on where I want to use the GPS will drive which adaptor I need.  They even make plastic caps that protect the connector on the dash when it's off the bike.