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NEW! Duchin Dash

My personal dash. Lots of stuff.
You will need to cut/drill your own holes for your own accessories.

The Duchin Dash, extended dash board for the KLR 650
Retail price: 49.95, add 6.95 for shipping and handling
PayPal is preferred (Account info - jay@duchinproductions.com)
Credit cards only accepted at the PayPal site.
Send payment to: 
Duchin Productions, 81 Locksley Road, Lynnfield, MA 01940
Money orders only - NO personal checks please.
Please also include how you heard about the dash.
 - Huge surface area for mounting just about anything
 - Becomes an intergal part of the instument cluster
 - Moves with the bars, wont interfere with windshield.
 - Easy installation, takes about 2 minutes
 - No drilling or removing of the guages necessary
 - Available in brushed aluminum or foam covered (add $7)
 - Super strong .080 aluminum, stainless steel hardware
   with 4 mounting clips per dash




An early prototype...

There are 2 reasons for the black foam:
Bare metal, brushed metal, glossy/matt/textured paints all bounce light.  Obviously some more than others.  I tried numerous materials and paint finishes to reduce glare from the dash.  The clear plastic that covers the guages reflect quite a bit of light on their own.  The only thing that seemed to completely get rid of the glare was this thin black foam material.  Ducati's use a thick black foam but I think it's more for vibration than for anything else.  The great part about the bare metal finish is it gives the buyer the choice of how to complete the look.  The foam is pretty simple to apply so anyone can do it at a later time if they want.  I'll probably post the directions how to do it or include an info sheet with the dash.
The second reason for the foam is it looks cool.
Thanks for your interest.