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About Them

First Date: Elephant Walk, Brookline, MA, Dec. '96.
Jay had a brand new Saab (or Chick Magnet as he called it) and thought he was pretty slick.  Nerves were high but he wanted to impress Linda by taking her out to a nice place to eat.  The food didn't meet expectations, but they both clicked when they began complaining about their meals.  An intervention with Ben and Jerry saved the night and their palettes.

How they met:  It was a set up!
Linda was working for BayBank and Jay was a consultant to the bank.  Jay's primary client Julie would hear about Jay's dating disasters on a regular basis.  Julie was also friendly with Linda, next thing you know they were getting introduced and the rest is history. 

Favorite Destination: Burlington, VT
Nice people, great food, fantastic views, what else could you want.