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About Linda

Linda was born November 2, 19??, in Haverhill MA. Cracking jokes at an early age, her parents considered changing her name to Donna Rickles.  
"Golf is one of Linda's favorite activities and she's very good at it.  I'm always so proud of her when she kicks the butts of her co-workers.  I made the mistake of going to the driving range with her, I couldn't believe how far and straight she could hit the ball.  I was mortified and haven't been back with her since."
      - Jay
Things that make her nutty:
Comments about her driving.  It's not that she's a bad driver but Jay thinks he can make her a better one. 
Favorite Treat:
Nilly ice cream with Oreo mix-ins. 
Tattling on her brother Jeff the night he lit a sparkler in the house while babysitting for her.
Guilty of...:
Making Jay laugh at Symphony Hall.  Things got so bad he had to run out in the middle of the perfomance.  The Maestro allegedly had them banned from Symphony Hall that evening.  Who knew a fake cough could be so funny.
Favorite Activity:
Sunday morning coffee/couch/newpaper time with J.
Secrets about her: 
She can belch all the vowels of the alphabet on cue.


Linda's been involved with the Walk for Hunger for the past 15 years.  She and her friend Asha (or Chica as she's better known) have walked over 300 miles together.  That's a lot of blisters and Porta Potty visits!  To contribute, click the link to the side.