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About Jay

August 31st, 1966, Long Island, New York. 
Yes.  Me am go 2 skool at Northern Essex Community College and Worcester State.
Once in a while.  Live event staging, cameraman, video producer, exotic dancer and INVENTOR.
Favorite food:
Get a large piece of tin foil and put a gob of marshmallow fluff on it (the REAL stuff from Lynn,  NOT marshmallow cream).  Add a generous heaping of chocolate jimmies over the top and toss it in a toaster oven until golden brown.  When ready, very carefully separate the fluff from the foil and gently place it on a large bowl of vanilla ice cream - mmmmmmmmm.  Come on over and I'll make one for ya.

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Most embarassing moment:
A relative was asking me about someone and I said I thought they passed away... they hadn't. 
Fixing (breaking) things in the house,  2 wheelers, inventing.