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Gift Registry

We both have everything we want... each other. 
Linda's not into shopping for brand name items (despite her mother's influence) and Jay scavenges from other people's trash  and ebay for the good stuff.  So what does that leave to get them for a gift?  Below are a few options to choose from, PLUS you can always come up with an idea on your own. 
  • Make something fun
  • Re-gift something you already received 
  • Wait a year (you know the rule...)
Whatever you get, they'll love it.  Keep in mind, Jay hates mayonnaise and Linda dislikes the tiny baby corn in Chinese food.
Click on the logos or store names below and you'll go directly to their websites.  If you do go to a store link, click the "Back" button to return to this page.


Traditional Gifts:



Home Depot gift card - ahhhhhh


Non-Traditional Gifts:

Gary is our favorite contractor. We really wouldn't trust anyone else.

Welcome to the "Buy a Window" wedding gift fund. 
What could be a better gift?  They keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer and are the latest rage in Paris.   Rather than buy an entire window you can simply contribute to the window fund. 
To keep things simple, just write "window fund" on your check and we'll do the rest.
ALSO, if you live in the area and need remodeling of any kind, Gary is King.  Email gary@remodelingbymorrison.com or call him (978) 927-2005.  Click his logo to see some of his work.

We are both so fortunate in so many ways.  Everyone has already been extremely generous giving us furniture, plates, silverware, time etc..  We thought it might be nice to offer some non-traditional gift opportunities.  Below are some charities that are special to us however you can choose your own if you prefer.


Joke gifts...

Corporate Sponsorship.
For a limited time, purchase ad. space on our wedding outfits.  What better opportunity to sell your start up or reinforce your corporate image.
Act now before space is gone.